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2016-04-06 09:24 am

Bonds of Earth in Italian!

For those of you who speak Italian (or those who want to learn!), Bonds of Earth has been translated into Italian and will be published by Triskell Edizioni on April 25! Here's a sneak peek at the beautiful cover:

Bonds Of Earth Italian Cover.jpg

In other news, I haven't disappeared! Writing has been a bit slow lately, but I'm hoping 2016 is going to be an inspiring year. :) Thanks again to all who've supported Bonds of Earth along the way!
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2012-12-07 01:14 pm

A note to fellow authors

If you are an LGBT author, this post may be of interest to you: the LiveJournal user [ profile] maia_hie is illegally distributing books from various authors and publishers. I had previously reported this person on a prior platform because Bonds of Earth was one of the books hosted on the site. That does not seem to be the case here, but I have responded to them here just the same. Zie is also distributing books through a locked site here; I have no idea if Bonds of Earth is one of the books that have been made available.

On the subject of illegal downloads in general: basically, my opinion is that there's not much that can be done about them. When electronic material is so easy to get and pass around, it's going to be passed around. Do illegal downloads affect sales of my book? I'm sure they do. If I was in this for the money, though, I wouldn't be doing it. The money is not the issue. However, the increased recognition of LGBT-themed books is something I feel strongly about, and I can't help but feel saddened and angry when a person who clearly enjoys these books feels that distributing them illegally is okay. Guess what? When you do this, you hurt sales of these books you profess to enjoy. That hurts the (mostly) small presses who take a chance on publishing them, and in the long run, that means fewer LGBT books for you and your friends to enjoy. It's a lose-lose situation.

The only thing I can ask is that if you enjoy LGBT books and are planning to distribute them illegally, please think twice. And if you receive a book from a friend or through a download, please consider buying a copy legally. It's the only way we're going to see LGBT fiction get the recognition and respect it deserves.
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2012-12-04 02:36 pm

Honourable Mention at the Rainbow Awards!

I was very pleased to hear that Bonds of Earth received an Honourable Mention at the 2012 Rainbow Awards in the category of Best Gay Historical! Thanks so much to everyone who voted.

To celebrate, Dreamspinner is offering the winners at 25% off for a limited time - check them out here!
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2012-08-10 09:16 am

Two Canadian reviews!

Bonds of Earth has received two lovely reviews (and a grade of "A"!) from my fellow Canadians, one from Montréalaise Jeanne at her blog and one from tigergun at The Sleepers and the Shadows!
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2012-07-11 02:14 pm

A new review and another way to buy Bonds of Earth!

Thanks to Gerry B, who calls Bonds of Earth enthusiastically recommended!

And for North American readers, you can buy Bonds of Earth and support your local independent bookstore at the same time!
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2012-06-17 08:25 pm

Review at Booked Up

Thanks to BlackTulip for a wonderful review at Booked Up!
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2012-05-20 08:35 am

New reviews!

I'm a bit late with these reviews as I've been wandering around London the past three days with my mouth open, but here they are:

ARe Cafe - review by Val

Three Crow Press - review by Isabel de Valera (also at Isabel's blog)
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2012-05-10 10:22 am

Review at CSI: Librarian!

Thanks to April for a very nice review of Bonds of Earth over at CSI Librarian!
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2012-05-01 01:53 pm

A five star review at Joyfully Jay!

The extremely generous Sammy has reviewed Bonds of Earth at Joyfully Jay and has given it five stars! Read it here (caution: major spoilers).
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2012-04-20 07:05 pm

Review at Between the Covers

Thanks to Alex for a very kind review of Bonds of Earth at Between the Covers!
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2012-04-16 10:09 pm


There's an extremely generous five-star review of Bonds of Earth over at Ed and Em's Reviews. Thanks so much to Emily for her kind words! It's wonderful to hear that people are enjoying reading about these characters as much as I enjoyed writing them.
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2012-04-08 09:13 am

Speak Its Name Review

What a lovely thing to wake up to - there's a wonderful review of Bonds of Earth over at Speak Its Name!

And if you live in the part of Alberta serviced by the Chinook Arch Regional Library, my novel can be borrowed electronically. :)
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2012-03-13 10:32 am

Another lovely 5 star review!

Another lovely five star review from The Black Dog Reads. Check it out over here.
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2012-03-11 03:04 pm

Review at Readin' and Dreamin'

There's a very nice review of Bonds of Earth by Christy over at Readin' and Dreamin'. Find it here.
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2012-02-25 11:50 pm


I'm a little - no, I'm a lot overwhelmed by this review of Bonds of Earth over at A Bear on Books. Thank you, Tom.
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2012-02-17 11:22 am

A most excellent review!

Jenre has reviewed Bonds of Earth at Well Read and given it a rating of Excellent! You can read it here.
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2012-02-13 12:52 pm

Places to buy Bonds of Earth!

It's a little mind-boggling to think that Bonds of Earth is now available for purchase in countries around the world, on at least four continents. Of course, you can buy the book direct from Dreamspinner Press, but here are some other sites where Bonds of Earth can be purchased:

Under the cut )
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2012-02-01 08:47 pm

Another lovely five star review

Another lovely five star review of Bonds of Earth at Goodreads by Edina Rose. Read it here.
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2012-01-24 07:52 pm

A five star review at Jessewave

Wow, I'm still reeling from this gorgeous review at Jessewave by Feliz. I'm very glad to hear that people are enjoying Bonds of Earth, and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to review it.

And in other news, my comp copies arrived yesterday, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the look of the book. Dreamspinner has done a fantastic job, and I love the photograph by Jennifer Dowell even more than before.